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remel Tool in use

Our list of tools and fixtures keeps growing. We have replicated our personal F5, F4, H5, and A5 mandolin body fixtures to help you accurately lock up the rim and block set. And, our body templates are now available for precision outlining of body shapes and soundholes. The router adapter for Dremel® tools, an original Siminoff tool designed in 1972, is available for both the previous and current models of the Dremel Moto Tool.

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F5/F4 Body Assembly Fixture

This view of our #350 F5/F4 Mandolin Body Assembly Fixture shows how the cut and fitted #300 rib set and #310 block set are locked in place and ready for the kerfed lining to be installed. (This headblock has the #D dovetail joint option.) Our fixture are constructed of red oak with 3/8″ steel rods securing both halves together. Eight non-skid rubber feet hold the fixture above the work space so that it is centered on the rib/rim. Loosening the black toggle knobs splits the fixture in half for easy removal of the mandolin’s body.

The #351 A5 Mandolin Body Assembly Fixture (small inset photo, shown above left) follows our ProSeries A5 Drawings which were derived from the Loar-signed A5 mandolin.

Our #352 H5 Mandola Body Assembly Fixture is constructed using the same techniques and materials as our F5 and A5 fixtures.


1) Our excellent line of precision templates provides the luthier with highly-accurate patterns for pegheads, necks, neck contours, soundboards, f-holes, tone bar placement, and more. Templates are made from 1/8″ luminescent plastic that makes them easy to find in a busy shop. Available as single templates or as complete instrument sets.

Dremel part-310 closeup 2) Originally developed by us in the early 1970s, the small extension or “nose” of our #850 and #851 Siminoff router attachments for Dremel® tools enables our tool to enter more closely into the scroll then any other binding-notch cutting tool on the market. The small “table” allows our streamline tool to sit on the very edge of the instrument as the extension or “nose” is held flush to the mandolin’s side. Uses our high-speed steel cutter #852. (The part shown is the #851 thread-on attachment.)

3) The #851 Siminoff router attachment will fit: the newer Dremel® models, Dremel 400XPR, Grizzly #H3117 hand tool (interference fit), Buffalo Tools hand tool, Craftsman (9)61139, and Craftsman (9)61121.

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