Soundboard and Backboard Services

Soundboard and Backboard Services

To help with the crafting of your soundboards and backboards, we offer a list of custom services including rim assembly, f-hole routing, oval hole routing, Acoustic-Gauze, tap tuning, Virzi Tone Producers, body assembly, and more.

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1) Soundholes (apertures): f-holes (F5/A5/H5) and oval sound holes (F4/F2) are an option and the cost is not included in the soundboards and backboards listed in our Soundboards and Backboards price list. See items#R, #R-1, #R-2, and #R-3 above for soundhole services. They are, however, included in our mandolin kit prices for the #700, #705, #710, and #720 kits.

2) Virzi Tone Producer: The Virzi Tone Producer was an option in many Gibson instrument models made during the mid 1920’s. The tone producer is a thin wooden plate that is suspended from the soundboard (inside the instrument) on two wooden feet. The thin disc helps to produce an improved overtone series. Our reproduction is stamped “VIRZI Tone Producer” and “Pat. Pending” exactly like the originals. We include a randomly-numbered replica paper label to paste inside your instruments. Click here for more information about Virzi.

3) Tap Tuning Service: We can tap-tune your assembled rim/soundboard and backboard (Service #900). You ship the assembled rim and soundboard, along with your backboard [backboard should not be attached], we will tune the parts and send them back. We can also attach the tuned backboard if you like. Or, we can assemble the rim and soundboard (see service #920 above), tune the parts and air chamber, and send you the assembled and tuned body. Call or email us for more information

Virzi Tone Producter installation 4) Virzi Tone Producer installation: As a courtesy, when performing the Tap Tune Service #900, if you also purchase a Virzi Tone Producer, we will install it for you at no charge. (In photo to the left, the feet of the Tone Producer are fitted in place ready for the installation of the plate.)


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