Rims, Ribs, etc.

Rims, Ribs, etc.

Our mandolin and mandola ribs are bent to their precise shapes using sophisticated bending forms we have developed over the past four decades. We use steam as a fiber-softening resource (rather than hot irons, because they tend to crystallize the wood), followed by a planned re-curing process to return the wood to industry-standard levels of moisture content.

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1) Although our mandolin rim sets are steam-bent to near-perfect shape, we still suggest the use of a body-assembly fixture to secure the rim, block set, and lining before the soundboard is attached. The Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manual includes several photographs of the fixture and you can use one of the full size Drawings for the precise outline shape. You can build the fixture, or we can provide one (see Tools and Fixtures).

2) Headblock sets include the maple “cap” (unattached). Each block is labeled with instructions for orientation, cap attachment, alignment, dovetail location, etc.

3) The kerfed lining with 1/4″ cc (center to center) cuts is recommended for F5, F4, and A5 mandolins as well for the H5 mandola, and provides a good snug fit in the scroll regions of the F5 and F4. We also produce the 3/16″ cc lining for those builders who desire a bit more leeway in tight spaces.


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