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Our list of precision wood products and services are extensive and are tailored to fit the demanding needs of both first-time and professional luthiers. All wood parts are made in our shop to precise tolerances on high-quality carving and duplicating machines. And, we top it off with excellent customer service and support!

If you can’t find something in the list below, check our Online Store’s “All Products List” or our Products and Services Index Page.

Here is some technical information about our parts and services, by category:

Pattern-carved necks 1- Pattern-carved necks: How we make our mandolin, mandola, and banjo necks; selecting neck woods based on their cosmetic and acoustical attributes.

Neck Parts and Services2- Neck Parts and Services: Selecting peghead shapes, differences between dovetails and V-joints, selecting peghead front and back veneers, fixture-drilled peg holes.

Fretboards, Fretwire, etc. 3- Fretboards, Fretwire, etc.: How to choose between rosewood and ebony fretboards, width of fret slot, width of F5 and A5 fretboard, ebony vs maple fretboard extenders.

Mandolin and Mandola Rims (ribs) 4- Mandolin and Mandola Rims (ribs): More about why we steam bend our ribs, suggestions on using body assembly fixtures, recommendations on selecting kerfed lining to go with our rib sets.

Soundboards and Backboards5- Soundboards and Backboards: Information on our pattern carvers, selecting the best soundboard wood based on appearance and acoustical properties, carving adjustments we make, tone bars, scroll carving, perimeter shaping, cutting soundholes, link to how our soundboards and backboards are prepared, links to color charts of finished soundboard and backboard woods.

Soundboard and Backboard Services 5a- Soundboard and Backboard Services: More about our f-hole and oval-hole routing services, Virzi Tone Producers, rim assembly and tap tuning services, installing Virzi Tone Producers.

Hardware, bridges, etc. 6- Hardware: Here you will find background of our Siminoff mandolin bridges and tailpieces, left-hand bridges, link to detailed information about inverted and standard machines and the differences between our F5 and F4 machines.

Decoratives7- Decoratives: This section has information about our binding, corner points and nuts, F4 soundhole rosette, and fingerrest kits.

Tools and Fixtures 8- Tools and Fixtures: Learn more about the structure and design of our fine line of custom tools, fixtures, and templates.

Tap Tuning Tools 8a – Tap Tuning Tools and Equipment: Tap tuning is an art which is easily mastered. Here you can find out about the available books, tools, and tap tuning equipment.

Mandolin and Manola Kits 9- Mandolin and Mandola “Kits”: As you ready your mandolin or mandola kit order, this section will help you make some important decisions regarding woods and various options.

Books 10- Books: Here is where you can get a bit more information about
the content of the books authored by Roger H. Siminoff.  You will also find editorial updates to Siminoff’s books by clicking on “virtual editorial” in the appropriate book.

Plans and Blueprints 11- Plans and Blueprints: Detailed information about the content and formatting of our full-size ProSeries Drawings for F5, F4, A5, A1 mandolins and for the H5 mandola.

Pearl Inlay Sets 12- Pearl Inlay Sets: Our beautiful floral inlay designs were created by DiAnne Patrick. Here you can learn more about the design features of these inlays.

De-damping (break-n service) 13- De-damping (break-in service): Here’s an easy way to accelerate the break-in process for your new mandolin or guitar. This section explains the process and the benefits.

Document Downloads: Installation instructions, sample of ProSeries Drawings, order form, fret scale calculator, musical frequency table, and more.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): Learn more about building our kits (and a good place to pick up a lot of building tips!).

INDEX: Can’t find it? Click here for a handy quick-link index to our parts and services.

Questions and custom requests? Please email us, or write to Siminoff Banjo and Mandolin Parts, PO box 2992, Atascadero, CA 93423, USA; or you may call us at 805.365.7111, Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm (we are on California, Pacific Coast Time).

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