Pro Series Drawing Sets

Our ProSeries Drawings are accurate, highly-detailed, full-size, computer-generated drawings of select acoustic stringed instruments. The ProSeries Drawing sets currently includes the much heralded F5, F4, A5 mandolins, the H5 mandola, and a set of Templates and Fixtures drawings for building the F5 mandolin.

The F5 Mandolin - Pro Series Construction Drawings This 20-page F5 Drawing set includes front, back, side, and end drawings of this renowned mandolin. Each Drawing has been carefully compiled from measurements and shapes taken from several original F5 Loar-signed instruments. Computer modeling was used to construct the many composite views to assure absolute accuracy. The additional information in this Drawing set makes it a perfect companion to our text The Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manual.

The F4 Mandolin - Pro Series Construction DrawingsThe F4 set includes 18 drawings of the front, back, side, and end views of this oval-hole mandolin. These highly-detailed drawings have been computer modeled to assure absolute accuracy. Drawings include details of soundhole purfling and binding, neck inset (“3-piece neck” assembly), truss rod, three different bridge versions from earliest one-piece bridge to second-generation adjustable bridge, full-size color image of original “Handel” tuners and engraved plate, enlarged inlaid “Handel” button, fingerrest, dove-tail neck joint, fretboard profile and fret slots, and more.


The A5 Mandolin - Pro Series Construction Drawings This set includes 20 full-size drawings of the much spoken of, but rarely seen A5 pear-shaped mandolin that was developed by Lloyd Loar while at Gibson (but never cataloged by Gibson). The drawings include details of the unique size and location of this instrument’s f-holes as well as the special “snake” peghead design. Cross-section drawings indicate the graduations of soundboard and backboard. A great and comparatively easy instrument to build as a “first” mandolin project.


The H5 Mandola - Pro Series Construction DrawingsThe H5 mandola ProSeries Drawing is for the famed Loar-signed mandola, and includes 20 full size drawings of the H5 including front, back, side, cross sections, graduation measurements of the soundboard and backboard, the mandola’s Virzi Tone Producer, and much more. As with our other drawings, this set is numbered in the same sequence so that the references in our book, the Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manual can be used when building a mandola. ORDER HERE



Templates & Fixtures for F5 Mandolin - Pro Series Construction Drawings The latest addition to our ProSeries Drawings is this set of full-size plans for the various templates and fixtures used in building the F5 mandolin. The set has 14 drawings including: neck and fretboard template, peghead template, peghead shaping fixture, truss rod slotting fixture, body template, tone bar gluing fixture, body assembly fixture, V-joint cutting fixture, dovetail marking templates (2), dovetail cutting fixture, scroll volute carving template, and binding bending fixture (for fretboard binding). ORDER HERE


Drawing examples (F5)

(Similar features apply to all ProSeries Drawing sets)

F5 drawing example Highly-detailed drawings, include cross-sections and topographic measurements that accurately depict the correct graduation and arching of the soundboard and backboard. All drawings are full size (1:1 scale). Fretboard drawing includes fret interval locations to the thousands of an inch. Each Drawing is individually machine plotted.


F5 drawing example Drawings include: block set, bridge, fingerrest, dovetail neck joint, neck contours, fretboard extender, f-holes, peghead scroll strengthener, body scroll views (multiple), end views, side views, fretboard and fret intervals, truss rod and filler strips, truss rod cover, single- and double-bound pegheads, Virzi Tone Producer, and much more.


Collage of Drawing Sets

1) F5 Drawing set: While many of the F5 drawings are included in The Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manual by Roger Siminoff (Hal Leonard Publishing, Milwaukee WI), several additional drawings, drawing notes, views, inset photos of parts of Loar-signed F5s, dimensions, and details are exclusive only to this set of Pro-Series Drawings. (For example, the F5 Pro-Series Drawing set includes the Virzi Tone Producer, original peghead taper, original truss rod configuration as well as two contemporary truss rod systems, color image of Loar-signed F5 mandolin scroll (volute), and other minute details that are not included in the drawings in The Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manual.) In addition, the Pro Series Drawings are updated and refined on a regular basis – a feature not possible in the drawings in a mass-produced publication.

2) F4, A5, and H5 Drawing sets: These ProSeries Drawings include all the necessary details and views for building an F4 or A5 mandolin or the H5 mandola. And, they can be used separately or in conjunction with The Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manual. While this book focuses on building F5 mandolins, it is an excellent construction resource for building F4 and A5 mandolins as well as H5 mandolas because we use the same numbering scheme in all of our ProSeries Drawings (so the references to drawings in the manual can be easily used in conjunction with the F4, A5, and H5 drawings).

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