Pickin’ Catalog Reprints

While moving our shop to Atascadero, CA, we found a small inventory of valuable catalog reprints from the Pickin’ Magazine archives. These reprints were printed by Pickin’ in the mid-1970s and are superb reproductions of the original catalogs. They are now being made available while the supply lasts. Please note that orders are limited to one reprint of each catalog type per purchaser.

1919 Gibson Banjo Brochure 1919 Gibson banjo brochure is an 8-page fold out that features the earliest open back and hinged “trap door” model banjos. Includes “Mastertone” specifications (for this period), detailed descriptions of each model, and a full description of the ball-bearing pot assembly. $20.00. Part# 1919G .


1920 Gibson Banjo Brochure 1920 Gibson banjo brochure is a 10-page fold out that describes the banjo models that were available from Gibson in 1920. Included is the introduction of the bolt-on Pyralin resonator and the first separate description of “Mastertone Construction” models. $20.00. Part# 1920G.


1923 Gibson F5 mandolin brochure 1923 Gibson F5 mandolin brochure describes the features and materials of the F5 mandolin. This 10″ x 19″ fold-out includes an extensive description of the “Exclusive Gibson Features” that set the F5 apart from other mandolins of the period. Other information includes construction specifications, materials, some background on the signature labels, and a treatise by Lloyd Loar on A Talk About Tone. $15.00*. Part# 1923G (*Secondary printing).


1926 Gibson banjo catalog 1926 Gibson banjo catalog is a 20-page document of the banjo line as it appeared in 1926. The catalog boasts detailed photos of the wreath-inlaid Style 5 banjo, the hearts and flowers “Granada” model, the hearts and flowers Style 4, as well as many lesser model banjos. A beautifully reproduced catalog by Pickin’ Magazine. $25.00. Part# 1926G.


1928 Gibson "Q" catalog 1928 Gibson “Q” catalog provides details on Gibson’s line of mandolins, guitars and ukuleles of the period. This 24-page catalog includes information about design features and model specifications of the wood-bodied instruments in Gibson’s line at that time. Includes details on the L5 guitar, F5 mandolin, and H5 mandola. $25.00. Part# 1928G.


1928 Vega banjo catalog1928 Vega banjo catalog boasts details of the Vega line including “Whyte Laydie”, “Vegaphone”, and “Vegavox” models. This 26-page catalog also includes information about Vega’s guitar and lute lines. A masterful reproduction. $20.00. Part# 1928V (NO LONGER AVAILABLE).


1929 Virzi Violin Book 1929 Virzi Violin Book contains information on the background of the Virzi brothers, their line of violins, and the introduction of the famed Virzi “tone producer.” This 40-page booklet describes the many violin models in the Virzi line along with its bows, cases, and accessories. Includes a “letter to Virzi” by Lloyd Loar. $20.00. Part# 1929V.


1934 Gibson "W" catalog 1934 Gibson “W” catalog depicts the full Gibson line in 1934 including guitars, banjos, mandolins, mandolas, mando-cellos, and ukuleles. Numerous pages describe the strings, picks, “Hawaiian steels,” bridges, tuners, tailpieces, and music stands available at the time. In addition to other models, this catalog depicts the Style 6 and Style 11 banjos. 84 information-rich pages. $25.00. Part# 1934G.


1937 Gibson "Y" catalog 1937 Gibson “Y” catalog is an excellent example of the Gibson line as seen in 1937. This 88-page catalog shows the entire line including electric instruments and amplifiers. Also announced in this catalog are the Style-18, Style-12, and Style-7 top-tension banjo models. $25.00. Part# 1937G (NO LONGER AVAILABLE).


Constructing a Bluegrass Mandolin Constructing a Bluegrass Mandolin. We have a small quantity of the original version of Constructing a Bluegrass Mandolin published in 1973 in it’s vinyl 3-ring binder published by Colonial Press. Chapters are separated by tabbed dividers. Includes first version of Siminoff’s mandolin drawings. A real collector’s piece. $25.00. (Only a few left.)