Pearl Inlay Sets

Decoration is the final step in building your instrument and giving it that personal touch. Ten unique peghead inlay designs by DiAnne Patrick are featured in Drawing #21 of The Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manual. We are pleased to offer four of her designs in white pearl, gold pearl, green abalone, and red abalone.

Inlay design #6 - Kali's Veil

Kali’s Veil – Inlay design #6 (from Drawing #21). A delicate flowing design pattern with stems that gently wander through the tuning pegs. Kali’s Veil is the smallest (top to bottom) of our inlays sets and can be made to fit on shorter custom pegheads. Part #550-A white pearl; #550-B gold pearl; #550-C green abalone; and 550-D in red abalone.

Inlay desig #8 - Ferns for Amy

Ferns for Amy – Inlay design #8 (from Drawing #21). Ferns for Amy is a happy array of interleaved fern fronds. This is the next-to-the smallest (top to bottom) of our inlays sets and can be made to fit on almost any peghead. Part #551-A white pearl; #551-B gold pearl; #551-C green abalone; and 551-D red abalone.

Inlay desin #9 - Robin's Nest

Robin’s Nest – Inlay design #9 (from Drawing #21). Robin’s Nest is an attractive motif of pointed leaves and curved pods, and is the second largest (top to bottom) of our inlays sets. Part #552-A is in white pearl; #552-B is in gold pearl; #552-C is in green abalone; and 552-D is in red abalone.

Inlay design #10 - Vines 'O Ellen

Vines ‘O Ellen – Inlay design #10 (from Drawing #21). Vines ‘O Ellen, the largest (top to bottom) of our inlay sets, is a robust flowing arrangement of leaves, stems, fronds, and pods. Part #553-A white pearl; #553-B gold pearl; #553-C green abalone; and 553-D in red abalone.


Example of Inlay Placement Notes:

1) All inlay sets in the black backgrounds above are shown at the same relative size to each other.

2) Each inlay set comes with a full size drawing of that inlay design positioned on both an F5 and an F4 peghead. This drawing also helps you store the inlay pieces in an organized way (photo, right) once the pieces have been removed from their cardboard backing.

3) These inlay patterns will fit the H5 mandola peghead. Sets #550, #551, and #552 can be made to fit the A5 mandolin “snake” peghead by merely turning a few of the pieces.

4) The longer inlays sets (Robin’s Nest #552 and Ferns ‘O Ellen #553) especially lend themselves to pegheads with “inverted” tuners where the entire tuner set is moved lower on the peghead (the tuning posts for inverted machines are positioned 3/8″ lower on the peghead than for standard machines). For more information on the difference between standard and inverted tuner positions, click here for mandolin tuning machine information.

5) For other ornamental, vine, or block patterns we suggest that you visit

6) Click here to for a close-up photo of Kali’s Veil inlaid in one of our pegheads.

DiAnne PatrickDiAnne Patrick is a prominent artist and crafts person whose studio is in Nashville, TN. Originally an art teacher from Indiana, DiAnne has been doing pearl design, inlay, and artistic wood crafting for more than 30 years. In addition to the designs DiAnne provided for my first book, Constructing a Bluegrass Mandolin back in the early ’70s, DiAnne also created 10 new designs for The Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manual. Her inlay designs appear on the banjos, guitars, and mandolins of some of the best known musicians and I am proud to have her art included in our work and available to you.

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