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Neck Services

To help complete your neck, we can shape the peghead (mandolin, mandola, or banjo), add scroll strengtheners to mandolin and mandola pegheads, add peghead veneers, add peghead back veneers, cut banjo heels to fit various pot assemblies, drill peg and bushing holes, and prepare dovetail or “V” joints (neck and headblock) for mandolins and mandolas. Custom neck services are also available. Order Neck Services from our Online Store.

Pegheads (chart)


1) Available peghead shapes: G (F5 mandolin), G-1 (F4, F2 mandolin), G-3 (H5 mandola), G-2 (A5 mandolin), F (banjo, “double cut”), D (banjo, “fiddle”), E-V (Vega, Whyte Laydie), E-VP (Vega, Professional).

2) Dovetail service #D and Siminoff V-joint service #DS (mandolin, mandola) includes attaching maple cap to the headblock, cutting dovetail or V-joint in both the neck and the headblock, and hand-fitting the neck to the headblock. (The cost of the block set is separate.)

3) We suggest attaching peghead veneer (front and/or back) before cutting peghead shape. Service “M” (attaching peghead veneer) includes cutting the opening for truss rod pocket.

4) Peg holes and peg bushing recesses can be fixture-drilled on request for a slight additional charge. See service #PD and #PD-1. We do not charge for #PD and #PD-1 if you buy our machines.

5) G-2 peghead is from Loar-signed A5 mandolin. See our ProSeries A5 Drawings.

6) To learn more about the benefits and differences of the dovetail vs the Siminoff V joint, please see Anatomy of a Neck Joint.

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For a printed version of our complete price list, please email us with your full address, or write to us at Siminoff Banjo and Mandolin Parts, PO Box 2992, Atascadero, CA 93423, USA.