We carry real grained celluloid binding (“ivoroid”) in various combinations of white/black/white (w/b/w), ivoroid/black/white (i/b/w), ripple-grained ivoroid, and grained celluloid with a side black line.

Nuts and corner points are available in mother of pearl (as used on original F5 mandolins and H5 mandolas), bone, abalone, and Corean. Corner points come in sets of two and are available in bone (as used on original F5 mandolins and H5 mandolas), and Corean. Other material such as rosewood or ebony can also be used for corner points with great success.

Our beautifully crafted F4 rosette is a perfect copy of the original inlaid rosette used on F4 mandolins. (We have prepared the photograph of this rosette to be actual size, but depending on your web browser and the resolution settings of your computer, the displayed size of the photograph might not be accurate.

F4 Rosette part-420Click for Larger View Rosette with ruler.

Rosette details:

• Size: overall width: 3-3/4″ – overall height: 2-7/8″ – band width: 11/32″

• Outer ring, ebony/maple purfling, 1/16″ wide

• Center ring, grained ivoroid (celluloid), 1/8″ wide

• Inner ring, ebony/maple purfling (opposite direction from outer ring), 1/16″ wide

• The fretboard covers the top center portion of the ring.

Fingerrest details:

We make fingerrest kits for the F5 mandolin and H5 mandola from 1/8” tortoise-shell plastic. Kits are also available in black or white plastic. Each kit includes a shaped pickguard plate, shaped pickguard support, support block, 2” threaded support post (nickel or gold), inner ferrule (nickel or gold), outer thumb nut (nickel or gold), two steel support pins, and real ivoroid/black/white binding, side support (not drilled), side support screw (slotted head), along with detailed assembly instructions.

Fingerrest part-610

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