Pattern-carved Necks

Pattern-carved Necks

Our necks are produced on a sophisticated three-dimensional pattern carver that ensures accurate carving from peghead to heel. Our master patterns include F5, A5, and F4 mandolin necks, H5 mandola necks, as well as RB (5-string), and Vega 5-string banjo necks. See “Neck Services” for peghead shaping, truss rod installation, dovetail joints for mandolin and mandola necks, peghead veneers, banjo neck heel carving (mating to rim), and more.¬†Order Neck Parts from our Online Store.

Which neck wood is best for you? While the neck wood does contribute slightly to the overall tone and sustain, most decisions on neck wood are based on cosmetic features: Curly maple has attractive “stripes” (but because of the curl structure of the grain, it can be a bit unstable). Walnut provides pleasing figure and boasts a dark chocolate color. Honduras mahogany is the most stable of neck woods and typically finishes to a deep coffee color. Acoustically speaking: Maple necks provide good sustain and are typically “brighter” sounding than walnut or mahogany. Walnut provides “warmth,” and Honduras mahogany provides a pleasing balance between warmth and brightness.

See Neck Services for information about peghead shapes, neck joints, etc. or click here Neck Services

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