Bridges, Machines, etc.

Machines etc.

Our mandolin bridges are beautifully machined and are the most accurate reproduction of the original adjustable bridges that were used on the early Loar-signed F5 mandolins. Precision crafted geared tuning machines, stamped brass tailpieces, and custom engraved machined tail pieces help round out our selection of fine mandolin hardware.

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1) Siminoff mandolin bridges are precise replicas of the original 2-piece adjustable F5 bridge and feature small thumb wheels, and intonation correction. The bridge feet are contoured to match our soundboards (which is the original F5 contour) but as with any bridge, they require hand fitting to ensure precise contact of the bridge’s feet to the soundboard’s surface. Instructions for fitting are included with each bridge.

2) Gibson’s original one-piece ebony bridge (our #306) featured a hole drilled beneath the E-string slots into which was fitted a pin to help support the elevated pickguard. Our #306 bridge is available with or without the hole.

3) Our left-hand bridges and bridge saddles are fully intonated identical to our right hand bridges, considering that the same or similar gauges of strings will be used. Left-hand saddles are available for our ebony, rosewood, and Siminoff Modulator bridges.

4) Click here to see detail photos of our mandolin machines and to learn more about “round gear above or below” and the difference between F4 and F5 machines.

5) Due to the different alignment of the pegholes on the F4/F2 peghead than on the F5 peghead, the F4/F2 machines have different shaft lengths than the F5 machines.

6) The H5 mandola uses the same machines as the F5 (#301N or #301G).

7) The inverted machines (#303-G or #303-N) require the peg holes to be drilled 3/8″ lower (closer to the tailpiece) than the peg holes on an early F5 mandolin. This could have an affect on your inlay design. Check with us for more information before drilling.

8) Click here to see a full-size photo and description of the various plastic, pearl, abalone, horn, and bone buttons.

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